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Interfaith Collaboration Grants

InterfaithCincy, in partnership with A Blessing to One Another, is offering Interfaith Community Engagement Grants. Any Faith community or any faith-based youth group that partners with a faith community or youth group from another faith tradition to work on a community engagement project can apply. To view the grant application, please click here. For Information and application form contact Dr. James Buchanan at A Blessing to One Another at [email protected].

Volunteering Opportunities

Ohioans For Gun Safety- Needs Your Help

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Ohioans For Gun Safety- Needs Your Help

Ohioans for Gun Safety

Ohioans for Gun Safety is a grassroots organization working to enact comprehensive background checks on gun sales in our state. Currently 20% of guns in Ohio are sold without a background check. Comprehensive background checks would require people who purchase guns at gun shows or through someone they meet online to pass background check before buying a gun. You can learn more about us at.

We are currently collecting ~133,000 signatures across Ohio to put our citizen-initiated statute before the Ohio General Assembly. Given the weather this time of year, we are looking for indoor locations to collect signatures – would there be any events coming up in the next month or so where we could collect signatures?